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Brenda de Reus

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Check out my site... It's Funky, Fun and FREE!
Glen Palo

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I have great wife, 5 kids & 9 grandkids. I've been a successful internet marketer since 1996, published an ezine, "Today's Network Marketer." I believe success is a process taken one day at a time by helping others.

Success is not a sprint; it is a marathon that takes patience and persistence. The first step is having a plan. Here is the plan I follow:

The Definitive Internet Marketing Guide
Daniel Baruch

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Hi, I am Daniel Baruch. Check out my websites.
Stan Hovel


I'm Stan Hovel, father of 2 and grandfather of 4.

I've made the transition from electrician to working from home and am happy I did.
Henry Lake

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Over 16 years of Internet Marketing experience with focus on list building. Enjoy sharing ideas with other marketers.
Gerard Archambault

Hi I am Jerry.
Kenny Kolijn

Hey it's Kenny here.

You want your own, profitable membership site?

I can help you get one and it can be the start of a full-time online income. Just get in touch.

List Unlocked

Fast List Mailer

Banner Ads That Pay

And also check my brother's site:

Need help with marketing? Let me help you.
Roger Pershing

Retired Masonry Contractor. Now doing things on the net.Very Interesting.
Chris Barnett

I am Chris Barnett, I am an internet marketer and Business Analyst from Australia.

if you desire time and freedom, want to quit your job or pay of debt. I am here to help you start your own online internet business.

Alex Etoa

Money maker...nick name "money"
lewis jackson


I enjoy writing poetry, running, traveling, and a bunch of other stuff, which is why I'm interested in a systems that automate the advertising and recruiting process 24/7.

This is now a reality with these two programs below:

1TAE advertises your ads to 600,000 plus members and millions of visitors per month. 1TAE is a breakthrough in automated 24/7 advertising. Other programs claim to do it, this program does it.

Join HotSpotMailer before they raise their upgrade price. This program gives you 50,000 credits, plus 5,000 credits A DAY with the upgrade! You can transfer these credits to 1TAE giving you limited advertising power.

Don't make the mistake other people make by avoiding the above urls as hype. This is the real deal and will revolutionize your marketing success. Worse case scenerio: join for free and see the proof for yourself.

To the best of fortune,

Lew Jackson

Sammy Kolijn

I'm the proud owner of Easy Traffic Boost (, a traffic and commission boosting website that wil give you the boost you deserve.

I'm co-owner of Fast List Mailer ( and List Unlocked (, two viral mailers that allow you to reach thousands of marketers up to daily, while earning up to 50% commissions.

My brother Kenny and I made these websites to improve your marketing results, by letting you promote to thousands of marketers in various ways.

Let's boost your online marketing results! Ready?
Bo Tipton

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My wife and I run Acorn Haven Spiritual Center in Kentucky. I have worked as a Rodeo Clown, Deputy Sheriff, Newspaper Editor, Business Owner, Truck Driver, Part-time College Professor and much more.
I am from the time before Computers and Cell phones and have learned how to use this wonderful tool so I do not have to leave the house for a JOB. Since 2001 I have been making a full-time income on the Internet. Wow! what a journey. I now spend my time working with people to help them realize the freedom of working from home by showing them step by step exactly what I do.
Stuart Stirling

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I'm Stuart Stirling and I'm an expert Internet marketing coach, specializing in List building and viral marketing.

I'm living in Japan, am married with 3 beautiful children.

Follow me to learn marketing and list growing tactics for earning more online.

Peter Turner

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married father of 4 from Lancashire, internet entrepreneur
Sanjinka Ostro

Personal Blog
My name is Sanjinka Ostro and I am a Founder
of GDI Team Elite

First I'll tell you a little about who we are...

Most of us have joined GDI or other Network opportunities
under some "gurus" system that promises the world but
is generally lacking in helping the average person succeed.

Normally they have some expensive marketing system that
THEY make money from for you to join but after weeks or
months of paying and promoting a generic affiliate page,
the new person has lost money and received few results.

The "guru" is so busy recruiting for THEMSELVES that they
don't provide support for their downlines and eventually
people give up and quit. The only person that makes any
money is the "guru"!

We reject that model.

Now, I would like you to play with some numbers.

Go to the GDI Income Calculator .

Statistically, the average marketer recruits 2 people. That's just a fact.
So Plug "2" in "# of People You May Recruit"
Plug "2" in "# of people they will refer"
That would give you a monthly income of $62.....hmmm...less than impressive.

Now plug "6" into both fields......$9,330 per MONTH!
Now THAT is a liveable income and is the goal for

We promote GDI using a system of collective advertising
where a Group of 6 or more people all advertise for a single individual.
Each person uses 100 credits in each of 6 traffic exchanges per day
for a total per day of 3600 credits all advertising a single person.
When that person gets 6 recruits  he stops accepting new sign-ups for
himself and instead focuses on signing up 6 for each of his 6.
Of course the exact formula and instructions remain confidential until
you are an active part of our team.

Earn Extra Retirement
Earn Residual income Work From Home
As a member of GDI Team Elite You Will Get:
6 Paid Members in Your Down-line FREE
Team Leadership Training Active,
Knowledgeable Sponsors
FREE Collective Advertising System

Our team works together to build down-lines
for each and every member!

Copy and Paste your way to success.


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